Useful contacts

Student Registry

Head of Examinations and Assessments

Jenny Roberts (

Tel: 2-76911

Deputy Head of Examinations and Assessments

Catherine Porter (

Tel: 2-76917

Examinations Manager

Matt Kirk (

Tel: 2-76907

Submissions Manager

Amanda Tattersall (

Tel: 2-76906

Alternative Arrangements and Services Manager

Gemma Webb (

Tel: 2-76302

Academic Records Office Manager

Fiona Simons (

Tel: 2-76912

Technical support for Tableau

Proctors’ Office

Deputy Clerks

Stephen Hearn

Esther Villiers

Assistant Clerks

Jonathan Gordon

Theodore Papaioannou

All enquiries

Tel: 2-70205/2-70092

Education Policy Support


Susan Brace                             

Tel: 2-80651

Victoria Campbell

Tel: 2-80109

Siân Griffiths                 

Tel: 2-80659

Frances Wayman                                   

Tel: 2-80469

External Examiners’ Reports