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Lapsed Vacancies Michaelmas Term: 23 November 2017

The nomination period for these elections closed at 4 p.m. on Thursday 26 October 2017.

The following vacancies lapsed due to insufficient nominations having been received. In accordance with the regulations, they must now remain vacant until an appointment is made jointly by the Proctors and Vice-Chancellor. Any eligible member of Congregation who wishes to be considered for appointment to one of these vacancies is asked to contact the Elections Officer by Thursday 23 November.

Pool for Constituting Panels convened under Statute XII Parts B, D and H

1 of 8 members of Congregation to whom Statute XII applies, not necessarily representing any division and not in any case being nominated in a divisional capacity, elected by Congregation*

Current/Retiring Member

To hold office from

To hold office until

[New position as of 20 October 2017]

with immediate effect

MT 2021

1 member of Congregation to whom Statute XII applies, to represent Gardens, Libraries and Museums (GLAM), elected by Congregation

Current/Retiring Member

To hold office from

To hold office until

[Lapsed vacancy]

with immediate effect

HT 2021


*On 22 September 2017, Council approved a proposal to create 8 additional positions in the Pool (for members representing Congregation as a whole, rather than a specific division), thereby increasing the total number of elected representatives in the Pool from 24 to 32 (details were published in the 5 October issue of the Gazette). Elections were held in MT 2017 to populate the 8 new positions (in accordance with an amendment to Council Regulations 3 of 2017, which came into effect on 20 October 2017) and to fill 3 casual vacancies arising since the HT 2017 elections. One of the new non-divisional positions and one of the casual vacancies (to represent GLAM) lapsed and must now remain vacanct until appointments are made jointly by the Proctors and the Vice-Chancellor.

It is expected that candidates for election to represent one of the 6 named constituencies will also be members of the relevant constituency (ie a member of one of the four academic divisions, or of GLAM or of UAS). Candidates for election to represent Congregation as a whole (ie in a "non-divisional" capacity) need only be a member of Congregation to whom Statute XII applies. However, please note that a candidate may not be nominated to more than one constituency on the same committee at the same time. For further information, please see the eligibility and amendments to nominations sections on the General Information page of the elections website.

Statute XII applies to: (a) professors, readers, and associate professors or lecturers; (b) any employee of the University who is a member of the Universities Superannuation Scheme or who would be a member if he or she had not been exempted under the provisions of Statute XIV. In Statute XII, any reference to “a member of the academic staff” is a reference to a person to whom the statute applies (Statute XII, Section 3.(1) & (2)). College staff are not covered by Statute XII as colleges have their own statutes. The exception is college staff at Kellogg and St Cross, which follow the University's statutes. Any staff holding joint appointments will, however, be covered by Statute XII in respect of their University contract of employment and duties.

Members of the Pool will be chosen by lot to serve on a number of Panels under Statute XII (ie Redundancy Panel (Section 14 (6)), Staff Employment Review Panel (Section 35) and University Appeal Panel (Section 52 (2))) and may be expected to also chair a Panel. Each member of the Pool will be required to attend appropriate training, including on equality and diversity, before serving on a Panel.

Council wishes to note the following: the Pool as currently constituted includes only five men and four members of Congregation who hold academic or research posts. Nominations from men and from academic and research staff are particularly encouraged.

Full details of the Pool’s composition, functions and powers can be found in: Council Regulations 3 of 2017: Regulations for constituting Panels convened under Statute XII Parts B, D and H, Council Regulations 1 of 2017: Staff Employment Review Panel and University Appeal Panel and Council Regulations 2 of 2017: the Redundancy Panel. For further information about the Pool, please contact Ms Sarah Thonemann, Personnel Services.

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General Notes:

Nominations in writing for the elections on 23 November, by four members of Congregation other than the candidate, were received by the Elections Office, at the University Offices, Wellington Square, up to 4 p.m. on Thursday 26 October.

All candidates were asked to note the general requirements which apply to all committee members, as set out in Council Regulations 14 of 2002 (General Regulations of Council for Committees). Current members seeking re-election were also asked to check for specific restrictions on consecutive service.

For further information, please contact the Elections Officer.

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