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By-Election 9 March 2006

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Mathematical and Physical Sciences Divisional Board: By-election 9 March 2006

One elected by and from among the members of the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences working in the Computing Laboratory.

Post No. 20, vice Professor L.N. Trefethen, to hold office for one term until MT 2006

The following nomination has been duly received.

Professor D. J. Gavaghan, MSC D.PHIL (BSC Durham), Fellow of New

Nominated by:

Professor A.W. Roscoe, University

Professor S. Abramsky, Wolfson

As the number of nominations received is no more than sufficient to fill the vacancy, the candidate so nominated shall be deemed to be duly elected as of 9 March 2006 (as per Council Regulation 17.23 of 2002, made by Council on 26 June 2002, amended on 5 May 2005, 14 July 2005, 13 October 2005 and 16 March 2006; and Congregation Regulation 2 of 2002, part 8.2(3), made by Congregation on 5 March 2002, amended on 12 October 2004 and 7 March 2006).

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