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Congregation Election 30 November

Election of four persons to the Medical Sciences Divisional Board from among the members of the Faculty of Clinical Medicine elected jointly by the members of the Faculty of Biochemistry, the Faculty of Clinical Medicine, the Faculty of Physiological Sciences and the Sub-faculty of Psychology to serve until MT 2010

On Thursday 30 November, the following were duly elected as members of the Medical Sciences Divisional Board:

Professor P.J. Ratcliffe, (MA, MB, MD, Cambridge), Fellow of Magdalen, Nuffield Department of Medicine

Professor H. Watkins, MA (BSc, MB, BS, PhD, MD London), Fellow of Exeter, Cardiovascular Medicine

Mr S.H. Kennedy, MA (MB, BS, MD London), Fellow of Green, Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Professor P.M. Rothwell, M.A. (MB, ChB, MD, PhD Edinburgh, FRCP London), Fellow of Green, Clinical Neurology

[The votes recorded were: for Professor P.J. Ratcliffe, 184; for Professor H. Watkins, 154; for Mr S.H. Kennedy, 137; for Professor P.M. Rothwell, 129; for Professor G.M. Goodwin 119; for Professor K.J. Wood 110; for Professor J. Kerr, 48]