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Congregation Election 8 June

Contested election

The following election will be contested - see 'Notes on Candidates' below.

As a member of Council

One (member of Congregation from members of the faculties in the Humanities and Social Sciences divisions)

The following nominations have been duly received:

1. Mr N.C. Bamforth, BCL MA, Fellow of Queen's, Faculty of Law

Nominated by:

A.P. Budd, Provost of Queen's

R.G. Smethurst, Provost of Worcester

R.W. Ainsworth, Master of St Catherine's

R. Briggs, All Souls

S. Cooper, St Catherine's

R.W. Daniel, Brasenose

J. Hackney, Wadham

B. Harriss-White, Wolfson

D.A. Parrott, New College

J.C. Quinn, Worcester

R.J. Wilkins, St Edmund Hall

G.P. Williams, St Peter's

2. Dr J.A. Shaw, MA (M.Div. Harvard, Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley), Fellow of New College, Faculties of Modern History and Theology

Nominated by:

T.D. Gardam, Principal of St Anne's

J.A.E. Curtis, Wolfson

H. Lee, New College

R. Waller, Principal of Harris Manchester

Notes on the candidates for election on 8 June as a member of Council from the members of Congregation in the faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences

Bamforth, Nicholas

1. Current and previous posts at University, with dates

Lecturer (CUF) in Law, 1999-

2. College fellowships, with dates

Fellow and Praelector in Law, the Queen's College, 1999-

3. Main University offices held so far, with dates

Member, Law Faculty Board, 2004-

Member, Law Faculty General Purposes Committee, 2004-

Member, Conference of Colleges Legal Panel, 2002--

4. Main College offices held so far, with dates

Secretary of the Governing Body, the Queen's College, Ht 2001 and 2004-

Member, Academic Committee, 2000-2003

Member, Estates and Finance Committee, 2004-

5. Other relevant posts and activities, with dates

Lecturer, Wadham College, 1993-4

Lecturer in Laws, UCL, 1994-6

Fellow, Robinson College, Cambridge, 1996-9

Shaw, Jane

1. Current and previous posts at University, with dates


2. College fellowships, with dates

Tutorial fellow, Regent's Park College, 1994-2001

Dean of Divinity, Chaplain and Fellow, New College, 2001--

3. Main University offices held so far, with dates

Member of the Theology Faculty Board, 1999-2006

Member of the Nominating Committee for Select Preachers, 2000 -2007

Chair, Committee for M.St. in Women's Studies, 1999-2001

ESPC Working Party, part-time D.Phils.

4. Main College offices held so far, with dates

Dean and Admissions Tutor, Regent's Park College, 1997-2001

Chaplain, New College, 2001 -

Secretary of the Benefices Committee, New College, 2001--

5. Other relevant posts and activities, with dates

Theological adviser to the Church of England House of Bishops (2001 - 2003)


All members of Congregation are eligible to vote in this election.

Ballot papers will be sent out before 25 May and must be returned to the Elections Office, University Offices, Wellington Square, by 4:00 pm on Thursday, 8 June. Ballot papers which arrive after this deadline will not be counted.

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As the number of nominations received is no more than sufficient to fill the following vacancies, the candidates so nominated shall be deemed to be duly elected as of 12 May 2006 (as per Congregation Regulation 2 of 2002, part 8.2(3), made by Congregation on 5 March 2002, amended on 12 October 2004 and 7 March 2006):

Building and Estates Sub-Committee


B.T.H. Huffman, (BSEE Nebraska, MS, Ph.D. Purdue), Fellow of Lady Margaret Hall, Particle Physics

Nominated by:

F. Lannon, Principal of Lady Margaret Hall

G.K. Brown, Lady Margaret Hall

S. Cooper, St Catherine's

V.R. Stec, Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages


One (from members of Congregation, not necessarily being members of any division and not in any case being nominated in a divisional capacity)

T.P. Softley, MA (Ph.D. Southampton), Fellow of Merton, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry

Nominated by:

D.C. Clary, President of Magdalen

J.M. Rawson, Warden of Merton

G. Hancock, Trinity

W.G. Richards, Brasenose

Curators of the Sheldonian Theatre


D.A. Hills, MA DSC, Fellow of Lincoln, Engineering Science

Nominated by:

A. Cowey, Lincoln

T.M. Knowles, Lincoln

J.C. McCrudden, Lincoln,

D. Nowell, Christ Church

Visitatorial Board Panel

Three (members of Congregation)

T.S. Kemp (MA, Ph.D. Cambridge), Fellow of St John's, Zoology

Nominated by:

A. Grafen, St John's

W. Hayes, St John's

P.K. Maini, St John's

S.J. Whittaker, St. John's

Under the provisions of Council Regulations 36 of 2002, as amended on 27 June 2003 (Gazette Supplement (1) to No. 4630, 24 June 2002; Vol. 133, p. 1465, 27 June 2003) candidates for election to the Visitatorial Board Panel may be nominated by Council as well as by members of Congregation. Council has nominated the following two persons on this occasion:

M.D. Goodman, MA D.Phil., Fellow of Wolfson, Oriental Studies

D.J. Walker, MA, MSC, D.Phil., (B.Sc. Glasgow), Fellow of St Hugh's, Computing Laboratory

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No nominations having been received for the following vacancies, the Vice-Chancellor and Proctors jointly shall have power to nominate a candidate for each vacancy remaining to be filled, and such candidates shall then be declared to be duly elected (as per Congregation Regulation 2 of 2002, part 8.2(4), made by Congregation on 5 March 2002, amended on 12 October 2004 and 7 March 2006):

Delegates for the Nomination of Candidates for Ecclesiastical Benefices

Two members of Congregation vice The Revd P.J.M. Southwell, Wycliffe Hall, and The Revd J.D. Maltby, Corpus Christi

Visitors of the Botanic Garden

One member of Congregation vice Dr S.J. Gurr, Somerville

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