The University's Equality Policy provides for an inclusive environment, which 'promotes equality, values diversity and maintains a working, learning and social environment in which the rights and dignity of all its staff and students are respected.'

In the Equality Act 2010 age is one of the ‘protected characteristics’ on the grounds of which people are protected against unfair discrimination.  All members of the University are encouraged to be alert to possible unconscious bias, and to make decisions about people against clear criteria.

Staff of all ages are encouraged to discuss their future plans and choices. There may be periods in their lives when they need particular support, such as when starting an academic career, when they have caring responsibilities for children or elderly family members, or towards the end of an extended working life.  We encourage all staff to discuss their future plans and choices with their manager and to identify any development needs.  Within the University there may be opportunities for options such as part-time working, career breaks, sideways moves to develop new skills or flexible retirement.  The University offers a formal flexible working scheme to parents and carers, but other people are encouraged to make informal enquiries about flexible working.

Caring responsibilities

At different times in their lives, staff may have caring responsibilities for children or for elderly family members.  We will try to support people in balancing work and caring responsibilities.


Members of staff of all ages are encouraged to undertake development activities to ensure they have the skills and knowledge needed by the university.

Early career researchers

If you are at an early stage in your academic career, you may be interested in vacancies identified as for early career researchers.  We recognise that this stage may bear no relation to chronological age.  People may have portfolio careers, and start an academic career after experience in other roles.  Academic careers develop in different ways, and may be interrupted by personal circumstances such as maternity, caring responsibilities, ill-health, disability or part-time work.  Where possible we will look at what you have achieved in the time available to you, although some externally-funded posts may have constraints limiting eligibility to a certain period after obtaining a PhD/DPhil.

Staff recruitment and selection

The university welcomes diversity among its staff and seeks to ensure that all candidates for employment are treated fairly. Selection criteria will be clearly defined and the ability of candidates to perform the job description will be compared against the selection criteria. Candidates will not be asked about their age.  See our Code of Practice on Staff Recruitment and Selection.