Support for disabled staff

Flexibility is the key to arranging effective support.  We are all different, and support will vary depending on the individual and the requirements of their role.

Discussing your needs, and any difficulties you are experiencing because of your disability, is a good place to start.  You might like to talk to:

It is good practice to make a record of agreed reasonable adjustments, and to review them regularly (perhaps during an annual personal development review).  Your condition may change and so may the requirements of your work role.


Departments are expected to pay for support for disabled staff.   External funding may be available through the Access to Work Scheme. 

 If you are a new member of staff:

  • We will send you a Pre-employment health questionnaire after you have been made a job offer.  You are asked to return this to our Occupational Health Service.
  • If you have complex support needs, please talk to your manager before your start date, so that we can be sure that support is in place from your first day.
  • If you know that providing support is likely to be expensive, please contact the external Access to Work Scheme.  This provides up to 100% funding for disability-related equipment or support if you apply before starting your new role, or within the initial six weeks.  (See our Access to Work factsheet (90kb)
  • Please contact the Staff Disability Adviser if you would like to have a confidential discussion about possible support, or don’t feel telling your new manager about your disability. Caroline Moughton Tel 01865 280687