Information for Staff with a Disability

If you are a disabled member of staff, please tell us about any disability or long-term medical condition so that we can discuss with you whether you need any support in your work or study. 

We recognise that disabled people can be highly successful in their work and research if their employer is flexible and implements any ‘reasonable adjustments’ that may be necessary.    

Existing staff, too, may acquire a disability or long-term health condition and may want to explore what support is available. 

If you are disabled you may like to talk in confidence to:

 If you are a new member of staff:

  • Please discuss any disability with your manager before your start date, so that we can ensure that any support you need is in place from your first day. 
  • Please contact the external Access to Work Scheme, which provides up to 100% funding for disability-related equipment or support if you apply before starting your new role, or within the initial six weeks.  (See our Access to Work factsheet (90kb) with information and contact details for completing an ATW application.
  • You may want to talk to the Occupational Health Service.
  • Please contact the Staff Disability Adviser if you would like to have a confidential discussion about possible support, or don’t feel telling your new manager about your disability. Caroline Moughton Tel 01865 280687

In addition to this the following may be useful: