Implementation and good practice

This section is under development and will be added to over the coming months.

If you would like to suggest literature, resources or case studies for inclusion, please email the Equality & Diversity Unit.

Organisational culture

6 Steps to Gender Equality: A short e-book by Norwegian academic Curt Rice based on his research on improving gender equality in European research universities. The booklet looks at the current situation of women academics in science, examines some of the reasons why progress isn’t being made more quickly, and offers some suggestions for moving forward. Highly recommended reading!


The Oxford Learning Institute: Information about the different mentoring initiatives available through the OLI and guidance for those wanting to set up a mentoring scheme.

OxFEST mentoring scheme: Aimed primarily at female students in Engineering, Science and Technology.

Resources from the Equality Challenge Unit: If you already have, or are considering, a departmental scheme the Equality Challenge Unit has published some materials on women's mentoring schemes that you may find useful.