Oxford University Staff Experience Survey

The University of Oxford Staff Experience Survey is a single survey being run across the University by departments and divisions. It will provide a single source of information to help us see where we might need to make changes in order to ensure the best possible experience for all our staff.

It will also be used to support a variety of best practice awards and to benchmark our progress over time. It therefore replaces many others (including those to support Athena SWAN, for researchers, or across divisions) so you should get asked to complete a survey less often in future. Departments will use their results to look at what changes might be made locally, and in summer 2016 we’ll aggregate all the results received so far in support of University-wide work on gender and race equality and in support of research staff, as well as looking at staff experiences more widely. 

The survey asks about your experience of the environment and culture where you work, your career development, and your perceptions of your job. It also asks for some contextual information (such as demographic details and about your contract and background) which will enable us to look at the experiences of different groups of staff. The results will be used not as an absolute indicator of people’s experiences but as a starting point to explore particular areas in greater depth. 

Whether you receive the request to complete the survey from your department, division, or the Equality and Diversity Unit depends on how your department has opted to administer it. To find out when your department will be taking part or for more information, please email surveyenquiries@admin.ox.ac.uk