Equality data and analysis

The University collects and analyses staff and student data across the protected characteristics in order to assess the impact of its policies and provisions on equality and good relations. These are important for:

  • Identifying inequalities
  • Setting objectives and targets
  • Prioritising activity
  • Planning engagement, and
  • Assessing impact

The University publishes a summary of its staff and student equality data together with information on how it is meeting its strategic equality objectives in the annual Equality Report. This report helps to fulfil the legal requirement to publish information to demonstrate our compliance with the General Equality Duty, including information about:

  • University employees, and
  • Other persons affected by our policies and practices.

We have provided a list of sources of equality data which may help individuals and units to conduct their own analysis and set local objectives. The EDU may also be able to provide details of relevant research and publications and to facilitate engagement with the staff networks.

Under the Public Sector Equality Duty, the University is required to have ‘due regard’ to the aims of the Equality Duty in the exercise of all its functions. This means undertaking a process of ‘equality analysis to assess the likely impact on equality of any policy, decision, practice or other activity. Guidance has been provided to support this process.