Staff recruitment and progression

The numbers of minority ethnic staff at Oxford reflect the position in most leading universities and higher education in general. However, we think there is more work to be done and we are committed to recruiting the best from as diverse a group of candidates as possible, and to ensuring that once here all staff have equal opportunities to succeed in their careers.

Recruiting an increasingly diverse staff body in all types of roles is one of our priorities over the next few years. We'll be refining and adding to our work in this area as the Race Equality Charter work progresses - but there are several projects already underway.

Engaging the local community

We’re running a small-scale research project with the local community, to learn more about possible ways in which we can engage and make the University an attractive employer to the diverse community in Oxford. We’ll be talking to various community leaders to find out their thoughts, and we’ll hold a careers day to share information and answer questions about applying and working at the University.

If you have any comments or would like to be involved, please contact

Success in the Academy: A panel discussion to promote the aspirations of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) staff

2pm-4pm, Wednesday 4 May, Inorganic Chemistry

The BME Staff Network is organising an afternoon panel discussion for staff to engage with successful BME leaders and to provide an opportunity for discussion in small groups, alongside a discussion workshop and action planning session. The event (supported by the VC's Diversity Fund) will assist BME staff realise their potential by discussing issues relating to professional development that specifically impact them, and by learning from a variety of senior BME leaders in discussing their own journeys to success.

Booking is essential:

Recruitment shortlisting pilot

We are running a pilot project using shortlisting grids, which aim to make the process of evidencing the essential criteria in job descriptions more uniform. We hope that this will provide a clearer way of comparing candidates, in that it will ensure that all applicants are working to the same framework. We’ve used this approach in two departments so far and are extending the pilot to gain more information about its potential impact.