Information and Advice

The Equality and Diversity Unitis able to offer guidance and advice to departments on University policies.

The Legal Services Office offers guidance to departments on the law.

Visit the Chaplains website for information on College Chaplains (by College).

Guidance on personnel policy should be sought by departments from their designated Sector Personnel Officer and by individuals from their departmental administrator or Head of Department.

The E&D Unit provides a network of harassment advisers and is also responsible for updating the Policy and Procedure on Harassment. Investigations into claims of harassment are explained in the Policy and Procedure on Harassment.

The University offers training in best practice for those involved in the admissions process, recruitment and selection, management and teaching.

Advice on childcare is available from the or on the Childcare website where full details of University nursery and childminding provision, advice on staff and student funding, and application forms are available.