Section 13. How everyone can support trans inclusion

Senior managers can visibly support trans inclusion, promote and attend trans awareness sessions, encourage staff to engage with the LGBT equality network, support events and celebrate local or University role models.

Good practice: The University is taking part in the Stonewall Role Models programme, which will help to give members of staff who wish to be open about their sexual orientation and gender identity the confidence to do so.

Line managers can have a huge impact on the culture within their team, supporting trans members of staff, facilitating if they wish to take part in role model programmes, ensuring that the needs of trans service users are met, combatting transphobia, informing staff about equality networks and encouraging participation in equality events. 

Good practice: A role models panel event for LGBT History Month 2016 included members of staff who identified as non-binary and trans.  The event was open to members of the local community as well as staff and students.

All staff can attend events to find out more about how to support their trans colleagues and how to challenge transphobia as a bystander. They can also suggest ways to improve the experience of trans staff, students and visitors.

Good practice: A department held a bystander training event to support people in challenging unacceptable behaviour.

All students can similarly attend events to find out more about how to support their trans peers and challenge transphobia. They can help suggest ways to help their colleges become more trans-friendly.

Good practice: The LGBTQ Society holds regular open events for students to find out more about transgender issues.

Our LGBT+ Staff Network helps support trans inclusion through:

  • Creating a confidential place for staff to talk together;
  • Educating the wider organisation through awareness raising events;
  • Consulting on and inputting into relevant policies and procedures;
  • Initiating a programme to support LGBT members of staff in being out as visible role models;
  • Raising awareness in the local community of the University as an employer that supports LGBT people, through participation in Oxford Pride.
Good practice: A member of staff from the University featured in Stonewall’s collection of posters to celebrate 2017 Trans Day of Visibility.