Engagement and Consultation

Estates Services is committed to engaging and consulting with our customers in a number of ways and we are always looking for new opportunities to do so.  Please let us know if you would like to get involved with how we are developing our services.

Annual Customer Survey

Since September 2013, we have undertaken an annual online survey to gather feedback about our services, by team and as a department. We use the results to:

  • measure improvements over the previous 12 months
  • direct further improvements in any areas that our customers feel dissatisfied
  • measure our performance against our values.

We also publish the results of the survey in our online customer bulletin – Estates Services News – followed by a document detailing the improvement actions we have taken as a direct result of our customers’ feedback. 

 Estates Services Customer Satisfaction Report 2016 (652kb)

In line with our core value of continuous improvement, each year we consult with a test group of customers before the survey goes live and we review the effectiveness of the survey as part of our results analysis.

Estates Services User Forum

Estates Services established a high level User Forum in 2013 to help us work more closely with divisions and departments, at a senior and strategic level, in shaping and improving our services to the University.  With representation from all four academic divisions, UAS, ASUC and Continuing Education, the User Forum meets termly and aims to:

  • provide Members with a detailed update of current and proposed service changes and improvements, in line with Estates Services’ values of openness, clarity and transparency
  • consider feedback from Members as to how Estates Services might change and improve its services in the future to reflect the needs of the University, in line with its values of consultation, continuous improvement and providing timely services
  • consider ideas and suggestions from Members in line with the department’s value of listening

Click here to see the User Forum Terms of Reference (306kb)and list of members (308kb)  For more information about the User Forum, contact Sarah Walton, Head of Communications.

Induction to Estates Services

We run induction sessions on a termly basis for all new Departmental Administrators, Building Managers and Facilities Managers.   This includes video presentation, Q&A and tour of the Malthouse offices;  individual meetings with Estates Services section heads and managers can also be arranged.

For more information and to book a place on the next induction session, contact estates.communications@admin.ox.ac.uk

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Database

We are developing a comprehensive CRM database so that we can identify the needs of different customer groups, communicate more effectively with them in ways they find helpful, and share information between teams to ensure seamless service.

Staff Survey

Estates Services undertakes an annual Staff Survey in May, which includes the opportunity for our staff to comment on the services the department provides and to make suggestions for improvements. 

Staff Forum

In May 2014, we established a formal Staff Forum, representing all teams within Estates Services.  The Forum aims to:

  • facilitate positive working relationships between management and staff
  • contribute to the effective working of the department
  • contribute to the development of an open and honest culture within the department.

FM Forum

The Estates Services Facilities Management team facilitates a termly forum for FM and Building Managers across the University to meet and exchange ideas.  Find out more here and contact the team at fm@admin.ox.ac.uk if you are interested in joining.

Services Review Group

In April 2015 the services delivered by teams across Estates Services were analysed by the University’s Service Review Group to assess the quality of our services in terms of Value for Money. The Review included a survey, planning meeting and two day examination.

Our teams are now working on a number of key areas identified by the Review including:

  • Communicating better with our customers about repairs and maintenance
  • Demonstrating value-for-money for our managed buildings service
  • Retaining and recruiting key staff
  • Using space more effectively
  • Resourcing capital projects not covered by the Capital Masterplan
  • Streamlining decision-making

Current progress as of March 2016:

  • Focus groups were held by the repairs and maintenance teams during January, February and March. These focused mainly on the use of Planon, and several improvements have been made to our systems as a result. These include adding the space code to work orders for ease of reference, including the priority for reactive work orders in the confirmation and making the feedback form easier to use by turning it into a short online survey.
  • Our Information and Space Management team is producing a draft of the new Space Policy. We are consulting with stakeholders and colleagues across the University and will make adjustments based on feedback.
  • The Estates Services FM team has a working group which is capturing benchmarking information. At this time it is expected to incorporate financial performance, customer insights, innovation and staff development as well as specific performance markers such as safety and contract management. This work is expected to take a number of months to complete in full and further information will be provided shortly.

We will continually update this information as we develop our improvement actions.

Focus Groups

We held a series of focus groups in January and February 2016 to gather feedback from our customers regarding our Repairs and Maintenance services. Below is the output from these sessions.

Planned Maintenance Journey Map (303kb)

Reactive Maintenance Journey Map (300kb)