Facilities Management

The Estates Services Facilities Management (FM) team provides a diverse range of flexible services that enable the day-to -day running of buildings and which are designed to deliver a safe, compliant, clean and efficient working environment.   The team offers advice and guidance to departments and has direct responsibility for the management of facilities in a number of University buildings.  Estates Services FM also manages the University University Mail Service and University Print Studio print service.

What is Facilities Management (FM)?

The key objective of any Facilities Manager is to provide efficient, value for money services that support and enable the core activities of the organisation and which are able to adapt to the needs of the organisation, its buildings and all its associated services.  At an organisation’s senior level, FM contributes to the delivery of strategic and operational objectives. On a day to day level, it provides a safe and efficient working environment, which is essential to the performance of any organisation – whatever its size and purpose.

How does FM work within the University?

FM comprises building services that are delegated under Estates Standing Orders as being the responsibility of departments – services that are sometimes referred to as ‘soft FM’ services.

Estates Services FM provides a managed FM service to a number of departments across the University, across all divisions and central departments, comprising laboratories and teaching spaces, through to administrative buildings.

What are the benefits of a managed FM service?

Across the University, FM is fragmented and operates in different ways depending on the size of departments.

Part of the Estates Services’ FM remit is to identify how we might better coordinate services across the wider University to achieve the following benefits:

  • Paying less for services by having more people buying the same service
  • Improving value for money through consolidation of labour, equipment and other resources
  • Enhancing service levels
  • Ensuring service contracts are effectively managed
  • Ensuring legislative compliance