Repairs & Maintenance


Estates Services is responsible for the upkeep of the fabric of buildings within the functional estate– including walls, roofs and windows and hard landscaping between buildings –and for the electrical and mechanical systems within buildings. The division of responsibility for repairs and maintenance between the occupying department and Estates Services is set out in the Estates Standing Orders.

Work is undertaken within planned, routine, and reactive maintenance programmes and carried out by the Conservation & Buildings team and the Building Services team - comprising electrical and mechanical services.

Planned and routine work is managed by our teams of building inspectors and informed by condition surveys and regular inspections.  Reactive work, including emergency repairs, is managed through the Estates Services Helpdesk.

Much of the work is carried out by the Direct Labour Organisation, our in-house team of tradesmen, who also provide a range of non-maintenance services.  Specialist contractors are employed where appropriate and in line with preferred supplier agreements.