Residential Accommodation

Graduate Accommodation

The Graduate Accommodation Office lets and manages rooms, flats and houses to students working for a postgraduate degree. Totalling 933 accommodation units, these are located at numerous sites owned by the University in and around Oxford.

The team’s accommodation officers guide graduate students through the process of applying for, moving into and vacating their accommodation. Alongside on-site caretakers, they arrange any necessary maintenance and deal with any health, safety and security issues during the tenancy.

The accommodation available ranges from standard and en-suite rooms for single students to flats and houses with up to three bedrooms for those who come with their families to study at Oxford.

Corporate Residential and Professorial Accommodation

This team lets and manages University property to senior academic and residential tenants. The portfolio includes 129 units, from one-bedroom apartments to large houses. These properties are let either directly through the University, or via its agent.

The team’s housing managers and clerk of works maintain the properties to a high standard, and manage all aspects of the tenancy agreement and relationships with tenants.

Agricultural Estate

The Residential Accommodation team also manages the University’s small portfolio of agricultural land, comprising five farms around Wytham village, central Oxford and Begbroke.