MEG Scanner




There is only one whole head magnetoencephalographic (MEG) facility in the UK which was not specifically designed for developmental neuroscience research. In order to strengthen the University's research infrastructure in systems and cognitive neuroscience a whole head magnetoencephalographic (MEG) unit was proposed to focus on human cognitive development and its disorders and enhance significantly the identification of the intervening brain mechanisms

About the project

The MEG building is located in the grounds of the Warneford Hospital at Headington due to the need for a magnetically "quiet" site and houses a state-of-the-art MEG scanner and shielded room, together with the necessary data storage and computer analysis hub. The building also accommodates an additional scanner shell for desensitisation to the imaging environment, a workshop, laboratory space for associated psychological and psychophysical testing and office space for physics, computing staff and technicians. There will be separate waiting and preparation areas for children and adults.

 Key stakeholders

The Construction was made possible by a number of funders in SRIF funding, The Scott Benefaction, The Henry Smith Charity, Dunhill Medical Trust and Derby and Open Universities.

Project Team


  • Architect: Nightingale Associates
  • Services Engineer: Foreman Roberts
  • Structural Engineer: AKS Ward
  • Cost Consultant: Christopher Smith Associates
  • Contractor: Longcross Construction
  • Project Manager: Estates Services
  • Project Completion date: June 2008


Total Project Cost: £2.9m including MEG Scanner (includes fees, VAT etc)

Construction Cost: £975k (net)

Equipment Cost: £1.3m (net)