Bodleian Library: Replacement of copper roofs

The Bodleian Library schools quadrangle was constructed between 1613 and 1624. The building originally had a lead roof but during the 19th century this was replaced with a lighter copper roof covering. A good quality copper roof lasts for around 150 years and in 2007, it was apparent that the roofs around the quadrangle needed to be replaced.

Work to replace the roofs began in 2007 and the final section over the Tower of the Five Orders was completed in Summer 2009. Along with replacement of the copper roofing, sheeps wool insulation was used to improve the energy performance of the building and stone repairs were carried out to the crockets, finials and grotesques.

The work to replace the grotesques formed the basis of a competition for Oxfordshire school children to "Design a Gargoyle". These were unveiled in October 2009 by the children's author Philip Pullman.

Roof work on Bodleian tower

Published November 2014