16 October 2015

Adverse weather planning 2015

Estates Services has identified a number of areas as priority clearance across the University’s functional Estate, and will be gritting these over the coming winter period, as well as carrying out snow clearance where practical.

The charts below show the vehicle and pedestrian areas identified and indicate buildings by building number; to check or confirm your building number, please contact Catherine Williams: catherine.williams@admin.ox.ac.uk.

The work will be carried out by Estates Services’ University Parks team, in conjunction with an external contractor (Nationwide Gritting Services).  Salt/grit will be put down prior to adverse weather to minimise the risk to staff, students, visitors and members of the public. 

This does not change the existing responsibilities of each department to clear snow and ice in the immediate vicinity of the building(s) they occupy.  We suggest that departments should consider preparing for adverse weather now:

Road salt supplies

The DLO can supply and deliver small quantities of road salt, up to three bags at £9.00 each (including VAT and delivery), which can be ordered now.  (Sandbags are also available from the DLO). Larger quantities can be obtained from external suppliers, which include Blanchfords Building Supplies (01865 759200) and Travis Perkins (01865 240401), but a minimum order and delivery charges may apply.

Checking for maintenance issues

  • Gutters and drains – Estates Services carries out an annual clearance programme, but please alert us if you notice any blockages.
  • Frozen pipes – please report any areas, including outbuildings, greenhouses and roof top buildings, that may be unheated but have radiators and/or water services still connected.  We can drain these systems to prevent flooding from burst pipes. 
  • Flood gates – departments that have flood gates supplied by Estates Services should ensure that these are available for use if required and that their staff are able to fit them.

To report a maintenance issue or for  any queries relating to adverse weather planning, please contact the Estates Services Helpdesk on 01865 (2)70877 or at estates.helpdesk@admin.ox.ac.uk.