New building occupants

Soft landings

Following feedback from building users provided at Post-occupancy and Post-project evaluations, as well as anecdotal stories, it was evident that the approach to handing over new premises could be improved to provide better support to the occupiers in the weeks and months following the completion of the project. There has been at times a gap between the clients requirements, design intent and actual building performance, often as a result of a lack of user and occupant training, which leads to reduction in energy efficiency, end user satisfaction, and ability to optimally use the spaces provided.

The Soft Landings process aims to improve both the building user experience and optimise the energy saving methods intended as part of the design. It is a whole life process, which begins at the initiation of the project, and runs years beyond Post-occupancy. It is designed to raise awareness of performance from the early stages of briefing and feasibility, and assist in managing expectations through designs, construction, commissioning and initial operations.