Living Labs

The Living Lab at the University of Oxford is providing a platform for collaboration between researchers, students, external stakeholders, and Estate Services to support the University’s transition toward a sustainable, low-carbon, and resilient eco-system and drive world-class research across energy, transport, water, food and waste. Through a combination of research, creativity, investment and innovation, the Living Lab aims to demonstrate ways of achieving this transition.

Understanding and facilitating transitions to a more sustainable future requires a move away from disciplinary based silo thinking to a more collaborative, cross disciplinary and cross sector approach. The Living Lab supports this type of evolved thinking in response to complex and multi-faceted climate pressures, and can support innovative and workable solutions.

On this website you can find more information about projects underway and people involved in specific research areas. Contact us for any further information, with feedback or comments about our website, or for other ways to get involved.

Get involved


Collaborating with others through the Living Lab approach can provide you access to data captured across the estates, user groups for research, or additional impact opportunities.

Please contact us if you are interested in collaborating, whether you already have a project underway, are in the throes of developing one, or interesting in pitching a new project.

Professional Staff

If you’re grappling with a sustainability issue or want to deliver benefits by incorporating research, testing solutions, and boosting innovation, then the Living Lab approach can help you to interpret and communicate these challenges.

Please contact us if you are interested in how research could support your work, and we’ll do our best to match you with potential collaborators.


If you are interested in working on a sustainability project within the institution as part of a thesis, Masters, or DPhil project, please contact us and we’ll work to put you in touch with potential partners.

If you are looking for a supervisor to support this work, please visit our people page to find academics working in your subject area.


Please contact us if you are interested in working with professional and academic staff within the University to collaborate on research projects within and beyond the institution.

Mutually beneficial outcomes could be delivered through projects on the various socioeconomic and sustainability related problems that you, your sector, or the local area are facing.