WARPIt Reuse Scheme

WARPit (Waste Action Reuse Portal) helps departments to reuse and recycle surplus or redundant resources. These could include office furniture, office equipment, furniture and storage, stationery, accessories, printer consumables, and even plants and laboratory equipment.

WARPit is a web based system which allows University staff to post unwanted (useable) items or claim items from other University departments for work purposes. The scheme is administrated by the Environmental Sustainability team and is open to all departments throughout the University. WARPit may only be used for University property and is not for personal use.

WARPit has already been highly successful across a number of universities, for example University College London saved in excess of £100,000 during two years of running the scheme whilst also saving 26 tonnes of CO2 which would otherwise have been embedded into supply chains.

Using WARPit is a good way of reducing purchasing and disposal costs, as well as environmental impact. The benefit to the University is that WARPit provides monitoring and reporting of the amount of material that is reused, including equivalent carbon and total savings figures.

We regret that colleges cannot register to use the University of Oxford account but may contact WARPit to set up their own.

Sign up to WARPit

Departments are encouraged to nominate key members of their team to act as representatives where possible. Any staff member can register but they must follow the guidance on WARPit and ensure appropriate permissions are in place.

To register for the scheme please sign up here and for more information or to take a virtual tour visit the WARPit website.

Once your account is activated you can start to use the University of Oxford account to:

  • Search the database for items
  • Add an item
  • Claim an item
  • Create a wish list to be notified of future items added that are of interest to you.

Using WARPit

Before you purchase a new item, it is worth seeing if WARPit has what you need by browsing the site or creating a wish list.

Before you pay for disposing of something you no longer need, advertise it on WARPit. If you are relocating, refurbishing, refreshing or just in need of a spring clean WARPit can help.

To sign into your account or bookmark the WARPit login page use the following link: https://www.warp-it.co.uk/OxfordUniversity

Promoting WARPit

Departments are encouraged to promote WARPit to all staff.  This email template WARPit email template (19kb)  may be useful.