Strategic services

Strategic services

Considering Facilities Management at the very beginning of a new project provides an opportunity to enable efficient services to be delivered for the day to day operation of the building on completion of the project. Historically FM has not been considered in early planning of new developments. Estates Services now formally consider FM as an important part of any building design and major Capital Projects require FM sign off at Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) stages. The Estates Service FM team provide advice, support and recommendations, working closely with colleagues in the Capital Projects team and wider Estates Services to deliver this.

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Radcliffe Observatory Quarter Site

The ROQ project, one of the biggest development projects undertaken for more than a century by the University, recognised the benefits of having a coordinated FM strategy for the new site.

The development of the ROQ site provided a clear opportunity to implement a streamlined, managed FM function, establishing value for money services and maximising efficiencies. The University recognised the opportunity for a professional approach to Facilities Management and an FM strategy (ROQ) (458kb) was developed. Due to the scale of the development a requirement for a strategic approach to catering services was quickly identified and a catering strategy produced.
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The Old Road Campus

The recent acquisition of the Park Hospital site provides not only significant academic development opportunities, but potential planning and operational challenges that might be improved by an integrated approach to Facilities Management (FM).

The challenges include the potential for further aggravation of the local community, traffic congestion and compromised parking, inefficient and fragmented services, the lost opportunity for consolidated purchasing and deliveries, inadequate child care and catering, and an unattractive and uncongenial campus.

It is recognised that an FM strategy for the campus could offer cost-effective shared services and improved amenities for staff, students and neighbours.

The key principles and scope of such an FM service are now being considered in consultation with University stakeholders and an FM strategy for the campus is being developed.

Shared services

Shared services

Across the University, the management of facilities is devolved to departments and operates in different ways from a single building/facilities managers/administrators to large staff teams. Part of the University's strategic remit is to look at how we might better coordinate services across the wider University to achieve a number of benefits.

The shared services committee agreed that FM was an opportunity for the University to deliver a number of value for money improvements.

A sub group was set up to identify specific FM opportunities. The group recently issued a survey across the University to identify areas for opportunity. The results of this survey will inform proposals for initiatives for the group to develop.

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