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FacilityNet Available 25 July 2018, 12:36

FacilityNet (Hospitals & Swindon sites)

Please use this site if you are authorised to report faults for buildings at Old Road Campus, hospitals and Swindon sites.  Your request will be managed by the Estates Services maintenance team based at Old Road Campus.  For other sites please visit this page.

Building Managers, Facilities Managers, Departmental Administrators and other authorised requesters can access FacilityNet to report building faults, log maintenance requests and view or request building information.

When you need to report a fault within your building and you are not the authorised requester please contact your Building Manager, Departmental Administrator or Facilities Manager. Alternatively call:  (2) 89777 between 08.00 – 17.00Out of hours emergencies should be reported to interserve helpdesk: 0844 2641503

What type of requests can be logged via FacilityNet?

  • Building repairs (roofs and windows)
  • Electrical repairs (lighting and power)
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Mechanical repairs (heating and ventilation) 

What building information can be accessed via FacilityNet?

  • Building numbers
  • Building manuals
  • Floor plans
  • Requesting additional space
  • Releasing space
  • Asbestos register 

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