FacilityNet Helpdesk

Welcome to Estates Services Helpdesk. Please select one of the links below to raise a request. Here you can access repairs, maintenance requests, search for property, space information and order printing or design from our reprographics team. For further assistance see the User Guides and FAQs.

Helpdesk requests

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Requests for building repairs (including external works) and general operations

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Request a quotation For example for joinery and carpentry. (Small carpentry job? Please use carpentry request below)

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Requests for mechanical repairs (heating and ventilation)

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Requests for plumbing

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Request a quotation for plumbing works


Track my requests

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Reprographics 2

Reprographics (printing & design)

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Property & Space Information

Project by Salvatore Vuono

Floor plans and Space Information

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  •  If you would like a floorplan please contact the Sys Admin Team and include:
  1. The name and building number (if known) of the property
  2. Specify which floors you require plans for
  3. Specify how you would like to view the plans (by department, space type or room number & area)

The plans will be emailed to you within one working day.



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Space changes and requests

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For space enquiries listed below please email: space.management@admin.ox.ac.uk

  • Change building street address 
  • Getting help with space charging
  • Requesting a new building number
  • Help with business rates and council tax 
  • Requesting a street address change
  • Highways and infrastructure enquiries
  • Change a building name
  • Historical property information