How to request work via FacilityNet

1)Logging your work request

You must be an authorised requestor to log a work request:  sign-in to FacilityNet here. FacilityNet is configured for the user, so will auto populate as much information as possible, based on your responsibilities.

Please note, in an emergency, such as a significant leak or a strong smell of gas, phone (2)70877 immediately.

2)Confirming your work request

Once a request is logged, you will receive a confirmation email. Only the requestor who has logged the work will receive this unless you ask for additional colleagues to be notified automatically when work is requested in your building.  Please contact if you wish to add this functionality.

Each request is given a target completion date, which is generated automatically based on the type of work. 

3)Assigning work requests

Your work request will be assigned to a tradesman via their personal iPod. Each tradesman will have a number of assigned requests and will work to complete as many as possible in the day, prioritising work based on the target completion date.

4)Arranging work to be carried out

If the work request includes a requirement to visit by arrangement, the DLO Helpdesk will phone to arrange a time in advance of the visit.

If access is not logged as by arrangement the tradesman will call at reception prior to starting the work. Please provide as much information as possible when logging a request, to allow the tradesman to ask for the appropriate department contact when they arrive to carry out the work. If they are not able to contact anyone they will still aim to complete the work. .

If the work is located in a space managed by Estates Services – such as a plant room – which can be accessed without entering the department, the tradesman may undertake the work without contacting the department, but will not shut down critical plant without contacting the department in advance.

5)Tracking your request

You can track progress of your request at any time by signing-in to FacilityNet and selecting the Track my Request option.

6)Completing your request

As soon as the work has been completed, you will receive an email to confirm that the work is complete, along with a customer satisfaction questionnaire.