New FacilityNet Login

By clicking OK you acknowledge that you have been permitted access to the Planon FacilityNet web application by your line manager/departmental administrator on the understanding that you will only access information relating to buildings for which you have a direct responsibility. You agree that you will access and use data only for proper purposes directly connected with the administration of the buildings for which you have a direct responsibility. You will not share data from the system, whether in electronic or printed form, with any other person unless authorised to do so by the Head of Department or Building/Facility Manager, nor will I release my access password to any other person. You will retain personal data saved from the system (whether in electronic or printed form) in a secure and confidential manner and will only hold that data for as long as you need to for building administration purposes. Breach of the University Policy on Data Protection, or IT Rules, or the terms of this authorisation will be regarded as serious disciplinary matters. You are aware that failure to comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act may render the University, or in certain circumstances yourself, liable to prosecution as well as giving rise to civil liabilities.