Adjustments for disabled staff, students and visitors

Adjustments for disabled staff, students and visitors

The University has a statutory duty to provide equal access to goods and services for all its staff and students and, where appropriate, for members of the public.

Estates Services works closely with the Equality and Diversity Unit to ensure that new buildings accommodate the needs of all staff and students and to make physical adjustments to the existing building stock.

The Disability Access Subcommittee (which reports to BESC) is responsible for reviewing proposals for alterations for all current buildings and for new building projects and ensures that projects meet the University's duty to 'meaningfully involve' disabled people as part of the Disability Discrimination Act 2005.

Need help?

  • For more information on accessibility and facilities in departments visit the Access Guide.
  • For advice and guidance about disabled access, contact Kevin Green, Architectural Assistant.

To request building work for disabled access, contact Linda Ranford, Capital Projects Administrator.