Management of Safety Critical Systems

Estates Services are responsible for the management of a number of safety critical systems across the University. For specific guidance or information please click the links below:


Estates Services manage the risk register and the annual inspection programme, through the Planon system and using an asbestos company to inspect known asbestos containing material. Safety Office guidance here

UPDATE Please note all asbestos removal work must be overseen by Riverside Environmental Services who are the University’s nominated surveyor. See guidance information Guidance on Asbestos Surveys (195kb)

Control of Contractors

Safety Office guidance here

For work which falls under CDM regulations, the Safety Office guidance here. Estates guidance on appointment of contractors here.

Water Systems/Legionella/Potable Water

Legionella testing and any remedial work is carried out by a specialist contractor, this contract is managed by Estates Services, who receive regular reports and meet with the contractors on a monthly basis. Estates Service provide advice to departments on alterations to water systems, as all modifications must comply with water regulations. This is critically important with laboratory systems where the drinking water supply could be contaminated if connected to the wrong system. For advice please contact

Electrical Systems

 Estates Services are responsible for electrical systems from the kV to the wall socket. Electrical work is closely controlled by Estates Services to ensure compliance with the Electricity at Work Act; departments may not order work on electrical systems without permission from Estates Services. For advice please contact: All electrical systems are inspected approximately every 5-7 years. Safety Office guidance here.

Emergency Lighting

Under the current Estates Standing Orders, departments are responsible for the maintenance of emergency lighting – including monthly testing, annual drop testing and replacement of batteries and bulbs. Estates Services are responsible for ‘end of life’ replacement of systems.

Fire Alarms

The Safety Office is responsible for the annual maintenance of fire alarm and detection systems and planned replacement of such systems at appropriate intervals. (Budget held by Safety Office) It is also responsible for Alarm monitoring infrastructure including renewal, replacement, and regular maintenance inspection of outstations and nodes. Safety Office Guidance here.

Fire Extinguishers

Estates Services are responsible for annual testing of fire extinguishers and rolling programme of replacement of extinguishers. Testing and replacement is carried out by a specialist contractor. 

Back up power supplies for life safety systems

Estates Services are responsible for the testing and maintenance of back up power supplies for life safety systems eg fire evacuation lifts and fire alarms. This is carried out by external contractors and monitored by Estates Services.

Gas Systems

Estates Services keep records of natural gas pipework. They are also responsible for the regular maintenance of gas boilers. Safety Office guidance here.

For general guidance on the split of responsibilities between departments and estates here