Request help and guidance

Request additional space

Departments are required to agree all additional space requests at divisional level, according to the academic objectives set out in the divisional plan.

To request additional space, complete a space allocation request form. This will ask you to clarify the source of capital and revenue funding for the space and must be signed by both department and division.

Departments should note that our initial approach is to advise departments on how to make the most of the space they already occupy. This may involve some reorganisation of departmental activities or reconfiguration of space.

If however the allocation of additional space is the most suitable way forward, the Space Management team will prepare a paper for approval by the relevant University committees.   

Release occupied space

Departments can request to release space back to the University or to another department, according to the conditions set out in the Estates Standing Orders and with divisional-level approval.

To release space, complete a space release request form.  The Space Management team will prepare the necessary papers for Buildings and Estates Subcommittee (BESC) approval and notify the department and divisional office of the outcome.  If the request is approved, the team will manage the formal handover process.

Rent space outside the University

Departments looking to rent space outside the University as a solution to their space needs should follow the same procedure for requesting additional space and must agree a request at divisional level.

The request is reviewed initially by the Space Management team and, if approved, is passed to the Asset Management team who will identify suitable property options and consider the terms on which it will be let. The team will then agree Heads of Terms in conjunction with the department and seek approval from BESC and PRAC.

All rents, service charges, business rates, surveyor’s costs and legal fees are the responsibility of the occupying department, unless otherwise agreed by PRAC or when the space is to be used by a service department. Departments should note that rental and service charges for commercially rented property are usually considerably higher than the University's space-related infrastructure charges, and that business rates can amount to a significant proportion of the total occupational costs.

Get help with space charging

For help and advice about space charging, including estimates and projected charges for future moves, changes and projects, please contact the Information Manager, stating your request.

Request a new space number

To request a space number for a new or refurbished space, please contact the Information Manager.  More information about space numbers, including departmental responsibilities can be found here.

Request a change to your building’s name

To request a change of building name, please contact the Information Manager in the first instance. Please note that BESC (Building and Estates Subcommittee) approval is required before a new/changed building name is assigned. 

Request a change to your building’s street address

To request a change of building address, please contact the Information Manager, who will inform the appropriate local authorities on your behalf.  More information on registering and amending street addresses is available here.

Get help with business rates and Council Tax

If you receive any information relating to Business Rates or Council Tax for University properties, please contact the Information Manager in the first instance.

Get help with enquiries about highways and infrastructure services

If you have an enquiry or receive a request from outside the University about highways or about mechanical, electrical or telecommunications services, whether on or outside University-owned land, please contact the Information Manager.  

More information about the highways and plant records we keep is available here 

Find out about managing asbestos

You can find more information about how the University manages asbestos within its buildings and access the asbestos register here.  For more information and advice contact Jason Barley, Asbestos Coordinator.