Commuting on the shuttle

The Science Transit Shuttle can be used by University staff and students to commute between the Science Area, Harwell Campus and Old Road Campus. The service is not free to use and costs £2.80 per trip on ST1 and £1.40 per trip on ST2. All income collected is used to support the operational running costs. As the service is not a registered, public bus, tickets cannot be bought on-board the shuttle from the driver. Instead, pre-paid trips must be purchased in advance.

Single use pre-paid trips

Single use pre-paid trips can be purchased from the University’s online store in books of 5, 10 and 25 single use trips.  These pre-paid trips can be collected from the reception of University Offices, Wellington Square or the Atlas Centre reception, Harwell Campus upon presentation of the  purchase receipt and staff ID.  Please allow one working day between purchase and collection.

To use, please tear-off from the book and present a single use trip to the driver upon boarding



Book of 5 pre-paid trips

Book of 10 pre-paid trips

Book of 25 pre-paid trips

Route ST1 Harwell Campus (Science Area to Harwell Campus)


£25.20 (includes a 10% discount)

£59.50 (includes a 15% discount)

Route ST2 Old Road Campus (Science Area to Old Road Campus via Warneford Hospital)


£13 (includes a 10% discount)

£29.75 (includes a 15% discount) 






Books of 5 and 10 pre-paid single trips can also be purchased direct from the reception of the University Club, Mansfield Road.  Individual paper tickets can also be purchased (cash only) from the Electron café (Electron Building, Fermi Ave, Harwell OX11 0QR).

Season Ticket

University of Oxford employees who wish to commute regularly on the service can purchase a season ticket commuter card. Payments will be by monthly salary deduction through the University’s Discounted Bus Pass Scheme.  Students can also purchase a commuter card but will be required to pay the full cost up front. 

The cost is based on the public transport equivalent and include a 10% discount:

Season Ticket Routes

13 weeks 

52 weeks 

Route ST1 Harwell Campus & ST2 Old Road Campus 



Route ST2 Old Road Campus 



Route ST3 Old Road Campus, the JR Hospital, Wytham and Harwell Campus



Please present the card to the driver when boarding so it can be scanned.