Using the shuttle for University business trips

The shuttle offers a convenient and simple way of travelling on University Business between the Science Area, Old Road Campus and Harwell Campus. The service is not free to use and costs £2.80 per trip on ST1 and £1.40 per trip on ST2. All income collected is used to support the operational running costs. As the service is not a registered, public bus, fares cannot be sold on the shuttle. University staff must use one of the following to access the shuttle for business trips:

    1. University Staff Identity Card.  Best suited to regular travellers, employees must complete a one-off online registration for their University card.  A research grant or cost centre will be required to enable recharges to be made offline for using the service.  The University Identity Card must be presented to the driver upon boarding the vehicle to scan the barcode.
    2. Departmental pool card.  Pool cards have been issued to the Departments listed below for staff to borrow for business trips.  Recharges are made offline direct to a cost centre agreed beforehand with the Department.  Simply present the card to the driver upon boarding the vehicle so the QR code can be scanned.  If your Department requires pool cards please contact
    3. Single Use Trips.  Books of 25 Single trip tickets can be purchased online here directly by staff and claimed back through expenses or by Departments for issue to staff as an alternative to pool cards.  Return tickets are not available and so a single ticket is required per trip.  Both ST1 and ST2 products include a 15% discount.

    Visitors to the University should either use a Departmental pool pass or be swiped into the bus by a member of staff using their previously registered University ID card; this must be presented to the ticket machine separately for each visitor


    Pool cards

    Departmental Contact

    Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global Health


    Edward Gibbs

    Department of Chemistry


    Joy Cooke

    Department of Chemistry


    Angela Lintern

    Department of Oncology


    Dr Claire Shingler

    Engineering Science


    Joanna Rhodes

    Estates Services


    FM - The Malthouse reception

    Experimental Psychology


    Tracy Tompkins

    Institute of Biomedical Engineering


    Aimee Stewart

    Jenner Institute


    Gary Strickland

    Nuffield Department of Population Health


    Katie Holt

    Nuffield Dept of Medicine - Strategic


    Jamie Newman

    Oxford Drug Discovery Institute


    Keely Jones

    Physics - condensed matter physics


    Olivia Hawkes

    Physics - Particle Physics


    Sue Geddes

    Physics - Teaching Faculty


    Hannah Glanville

    Primary Healthcare Service


    Nicola Small

    Structural Genomics Consortium


    Gem Brown

    Target Discovery Institute


    Andrea Keepence-Keyte

    Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics


    Peter Bond