Using the ST3 Wytham – Science Area – JR Hospital shuttle

The new ST3 route commenced 15 May 2017 and connects the John Krebs Field Station at Wytham with the Science Area and the JR Hospital. The service will call at the following stops:

  • JK Field Station, Wytham;
  • Wytham Woods, White Hart PH (please note this is a request stop and you must inform the driver);
  • Oxford University Innovation offices (Minns Industrial Estate);
  • Oxford rail station;
  • ROQ (Banbury Road);
  • Materials Building (Parks Road)
  • Science Area (University Club)
  • St Clements Street
  • John Radcliffe Hospital

Timetable and stops

The ST3 timetable is as follows and will be kept under review: ST3 Wytham to JR Hospital Timetable (66kb)


The service route map and location of stops is available to view here.  A close-up of the Central Oxford stops is provided below:

 St3 Route  

Using the service

The service is closed to the public and is only open to University staff, students and visitors.  To use the shuttle, please register your University Card before travelling at (please select “journeys charged to a cost centre” and enter “Tinbergen” when prompted for a Cost Centre).  When boarding, please present your University Card to the driver for scanning.  Access will not be permitted without a University Card.  Please advise the driver of where you wish to alight.


To encourage patronage the service will initially be free of charge to passengers.  This will be reviewed after a few months with the intention of bringing Departmental recharges and fares into line with the existing ST1 and ST2 services.  Please note that Departments affected by the Tinbergen closure including Zoology and Experimental Psychology are likely to be exempted from future charges)”