Regulations for the Conduct of University Examinations: Part 6 Chairs of Examiners

  • 6.1. The supervisory body responsible for a University Examination shall appoint a chair of examiners as soon as practicable and in accordance with its standing orders for approval by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education) and Proctors.

  • 6.2. Except with the permission of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education), an external examiner shall not be eligible to serve as chair.

  • 6.3. Until a chair has been appointed the senior examiner who is a member of a Faculty shall fulfil the duties of the chair. Seniority shall be determined by reference to the rules for academic precedence and standing as made from time to time by Council.

  • 6.4. As well as performing the specific duties laid down in these or any other regulations the chair shall be responsible generally for ensuring that the business of his or her Board of Examiners is properly conducted and that the requirements of these regulations are fulfilled by that Board.

  • 6.5. It shall be the duty of each chair of examiners to ensure that account is taken of the Policy and Guidance for Examiners and others involved in University Examinations published periodically by the Proctors and by the Education Committee so far as it is applicable to the University Examination for which his or her Board of Examiners is responsible.

  • 6.6.

    • (1) The chair shall convene at least one meeting of the examiners before each University Examination for which they are responsible and by this and other means ensure that all arrangements for its proper conduct have been made and understood.

    • (2) An external examiner shall not be required to attend such a meeting but shall be informed by the chair of its proceedings and decisions.

  • 6.7. The chair of the Board of Examiners for each single Final Honour School shall designate the examiners required for any joint Final Honour School in which any of the examinations correspond with an examination in the single School.