Certificate in Theology and Certificate for Theology Graduates

  • [For students starting before MT 2017: 1. The Board of the Faculty of Theology and Religion shall have power to grant the following certificates to candidates who have satisfied the conditions prescribed in this section and any further conditions which the board may prescribe by regulation:

    • Certificate in Theology;

    • Certificate for Theology Graduates.

  • 2. The examinations for the above mentioned certificates shall be under the supervision of the Board of the Faculty of Theology and Religion.

  • 3. Candidates, both members of the University and others, who have been admitted, under such conditions as the Board of the Faculty of Theology and Religion shall prescribe, to courses at Campion Hall, Mansfield College, Regent's Park College, St. Benet's Hall, Blackfriars, Ripon College Cuddesdon, St. Stephen's House, Wycliffe Hall, and Harris Manchester College may be admitted by the board to the examinations for the above mentioned certificates, provided that they have paid to the Curators of the University Chest, through their colleges or other institutions, the fee or fees prescribed in the appropriate regulation (see Appendix I).

  • 4. The supervision of the arrangements for the above mentioned certificates shall be the responsibility of the Supervisory Committee for the Degree of Bachelor of Theology and the Theology Certificates. The committee shall have such powers and duties in respect of the above mentioned certificates as may from time to time be prescribed by the Board of the Faculty of Theology and Religion.

  • 5. Part-time students for the above mentioned certificates shall in each case be required to pursue their course of study for twice the number of terms required of an equivalent full-time student.

  • 6. On successful completion of part I or of the entire course, candidates for the Certificate in Theology may, with the approval of the Supervisory Committee, offer the remaining papers necessary to meet the requirements for the award of the Bachelor of Theology.


  • A. 1. Admission requirements

    Candidates will normally be expected to have five GCSE passes, one of which must be in English Language and two of which must be at Advanced Level. Exemptions from this requirement for mature student candidates or those otherwise qualified may be made at the discretion of the Supervisory Committee.

  • A. 2. Course requirements

    The length of the course is two years. A minimum of eight papers must be taken from the syllabus as outlined for the Bachelor of Theology. In Part 1 candidates must take all four papers. In Part 2 they must take one paper each from sections B, C, and D. The Supervisory Committee may dispense a candidate from individual compulsory papers on the basis of previous academic work, but not from the total number of papers required.


  • B. 1. Admission requirements

    Candidates for the Certificate for Theology Graduates must have obtained an Honours or Joint Honours Degree in Theology. Candidates for the one-year course must have obtained at least second class honours. Candidates for the one-year course who have not taken the Honour School of Theology in Oxford must apply to the Supervisory Committee.

  • B. 2. Course requirements

    One-year candidates must take at least four papers. Two-year candidates must take at least eight papers. There are no compulsory papers. All papers will be examined at the same level. Each paper will be examined by an essay of 7,000 words, except that:

    • (a) candidates may integrate two papers in a single essay of 12,000 words (which will still count as two papers);

    • (b) one-year candidates may substitute a written examination in one paper, and two-year candidates in up to three papers, except for paper D.1;

    • (c) candidates may take papers additional to the minimum requirement by written examination, except for paper D.1.


  • C. 1. Registration and fees

    Not later than the end of the second week of Michaelmas Term, colleges shall forward the names of non-members of the University who wish to be registered as candidates for either of the two certificates, together with the registration fee prescribed (see Appendix I) in accordance with the appropriate regulation. No registration fee is payable for matriculated members of the University, but colleges shall, by the stated time, notify the Registrar of all such students commencing certificate courses.

  • C. 2. Examination

    Further provisions governing the examination for the Certificates in Theology are given in the regulations for the Bachelor of Theology.]