Version Log

This page contains information on the changes to this regulation since 1 December 2014.


Gazette 28 June 2018

Increase in time to be considered for honours in undergraduate examinations.  See the Education Committee notice in the Gazette for further details.

Technical Edit 6 September 2017

Removal of text marked 'Until MT 2017'.

Gazette 21 July 2016

This change updates the listing of preliminary examinations following the introduction of preliminary examinations in Philosophy and Theology and in Theology and Oriental Studies, which is linked to the new curriculum for the BA in Theology and Religion.

The change also corrects an error in Table 3 to ensure that the preliminary examination in Theology and Religion is consistently referred to by its full title. The name of the Faculty has also been updated to Theology and Religion.

See Humanities Divisional Board notice in the Gazette for further details

Gazette 07 July

Amendments to increase clarity and consistency in the regulations for resitting the First and Second Public Examination

Queries have been raised regarding some lack of clarity and consistency in the General Regulations for the First and Second Public Examination, regarding the regulations for resits. Amendments have been made for clarity, without changing the current regulations

See Education Committee Notice in the Gazette for further details.

Gazette 23 June 2016

At its Trinity Term 2015 meeting, Examinations Panel agreed that candidates for the FHS should be entitled to be assessed according to the regulations that were in force at the time they were taught, for up to six terms after the original assessement date, without needing to seek special permission from Education committee.  Amendments to the regulations, effective from 2016-17, were approved at the Michaelmas Term 2015 meeting of Examinations Panel

See the Education Committee notice in the Gazette for further details.