Version Log

This page contains information on the changes to this regulation since 1 December 2014.


Gazette 21 July 2016

A line was added to the regulations relating to the resit of the qualifying examination to clarify the procedure following failure for a second time.

The Course Committee agreed that the use of CDs was outdated so candidates will now submit written submissions accompanied by a USB stick with an electronic copy.

Examiners for the MSc in Clinical Embryology do not retain copies of dissertations for deposit in the Radcliffe Science library and the Course Committee agreed to remove the erroneous text from the regulations. 

See the Medical Sciences Divisional Board Notice in the Gazette for further details

Gazette 20 July 2017

Clarification of the exact word limit for essays has been incorporated.  Clarification of re-submission arrangements for dissertations.  See the Medical Sciences Board notice in the Gazette for further details.