Master of Science by Coursework in Statistical Science

  • 1. The Divisional Board of Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences shall elect for the supervision of the course a Standing Committee which shall have power to arrange lectures and other instruction.

  • 2. Candidates shall follow for at least three terms a course of instruction in Statistics.

  • 3. The examination will consist of:

    • (i) a written examination consisting of two papers on the syllabus described in the schedule;

    • (ii) a dissertation on a subject selected in consultation with the supervisor and approved by the chair of the committee.

  • 4. Two typewritten or printed copies of the dissertation must be sent not later than noon on the second Monday in September in the year in which the written examination is taken, to the M.Sc. examiners (Statistical Science), c/o Examination Schools, High Street, Oxford. The examiners may retain one copy of the dissertation of each candidate who passes the examination for deposit in an appropriate departmental library.

  • 5. Each candidate will be expected to have displayed evidence of the ability to apply statistical methods to real data.

    The examiners will take into account the results of an assessment of ability to apply statistical methods to real data organised by the supervisory committee. The supervisory committee will be responsible for notifying the candidates of the arrangements for the assessment, and for forwarding the assessed material to the chair of the examiners before the end of the Trinity Term in the year in which the assessment is made. The supervisory committee may specify that one of the practical assessments will be carried out as group projects, the details of which will be given in the Course Handbook.

  • 6. The specification of calculators permitted in the written examinations will be announced by the Examiners in the Hilary Term preceding the examination.

  • 7. In the written examination the examiners will permit the use of bilingual dictionaries.

  • 8. The examiners may also examine any candidate viva voce.

  • 9. The examiners may award a distinction for excellence in the whole examination.

  • 10. If it is the opinion of the examiners that the work done by the candidate is not of sufficient merit to qualify for the Degree of M.Sc., but is nevertheless of sufficient merit to qualify for the Postgraduate Diploma in Statistical Science, the candidate shall be given the option of retaking the M.Sc. examination on one further occasion, not later than one year after the initial attempt, or of being issued with a postgraduate diploma. In the event of a candidate’s work not being of sufficient merit to qualify for the award of the M.Sc., the examiners will specify which of the components of the course may or must be redone.


Paper 1: Principles of statistical analysis

Paper 2: Further statistical methodology

Topics for Papers 1 and 2 will be published in the Course Handbook by the beginning of Michaelmas Term of the academic year in which the written examination is to be taken.