Note on Conventions Governing the Revised Use of Headings in this Edition

As a result of changes in the structure of University legislation, with effect from 1 October 2002, all former decrees concerning examinations were formally converted into regulations. In order to maintain continuity with earlier editions of this volume the following conventions have been observed as far as is practicable:

  • 1. All former decrees governing the award of a degree, diploma, or certificate in general terms (as opposed to those decrees dealing with examinations in particular subjects leading to the award of such a qualification) are headed General Regulations.

  • 2. All former decrees relating to a particular subject course are headed Special Regulations .

  • 3. All elements of examination legislation which were regulations under the previous dispensation, and remain so under the new structure, are also to be found under the heading Special Regulations.

  • 4. In order to distinguish between the two types of Special Regulation described above, those which were formerly decrees are to be found under a sub-heading ‘A’, while those which were formerly regulations under a sub-heading ‘B’.