About the Examination Regulations

This website contains the regulations of the University relating to the various degrees, diplomas and certificates conferred by the University together with regulations made by boards, and certain other relevant information.

The 'Grey Book'

The print version of the Examination Regulations, commonly referred to as 'the Grey Book', was published annually at the beginning of Michaelmas Term until October 2015. Print copies were provided to students and members of the collegiate University. From October 2016, the print version will no longer be published and the online version is now the authoritative version. A new edition will continue to be published online annually at the beginning of Michaelmas Term.

Changes to the Regulations

Approved changes and additions to the Examination Regulations are published from time to time in the University Gazette. Such changes are valid (if no objection is made to them) within fifteen days of their publication. This online version will aim to incorporate valid changes/additions as soon as possible so that it is up-to-date. Where a large volume of changes are published in the Gazette, there may be a short delay in their appearance online. Should you wish to publish changes in the University Gazette please see the procedure for notifying amendments to Examination Regulations.

The authoritative version of the Examination Regulations is the online edition (as published in October of each year) plus updates from valid further changes published in the University Gazette. Each regulation has its own ‘version log’ page which records a brief description of all changes made to that regulation and references the relevant Gazette. The online version takes precedence over examination regulations reproduced elsewhere e.g. in programme handbooks. Please contact Education Policy Support if you have any queries regarding this point.