Viewing the Examination Regulations

The website aims to provide students and staff with a convenient way of retrieving and viewing the Examination Regulations. There are three ways to view the regulations.

The student’s view provides students with the regulations applicable to them according to the date they started the course, or in the case of undergraduates, the date they started working towards their examination (Prelim or FHS). Students will select the term and year that they started their course. Departments and faculties may find it helpful to students to link the appropriate handbook to the webpage for the regulations of a particular cohort.

Not all regulations have a student view. Students may complete some courses over a variable period of time (for example research degrees and some part-time degrees). In these cases the changes to regulations often apply to all students currently on course regardless of when they started. The date of change to the examination is signalled in the traditional way e.g. From October 2015, or Until October 2015. Where larger changes apply to starters at a particular point in time, this will also be indicated in the text.

The examiner’s view provides examiners with the regulations applicable to the examination in a given year: the convention employed in the ‘Grey Book’ is that the year of examination is based on the academic year starting 1 October (Michaelmas Term to Trinity Term) hence the convention in the past of publishing changes ‘with effect from 1 October’. Unlike the ‘Grey Book’ text, this view will not display changes that are due to come into effect the following year, but only those applicable to the year the examiner has searched for.

The administrator’s view provides senior academic office-holders and administrative staff with the most recent regulations to have come into effect in examination for finalists, together with a record of any changes that have been approved for other on-course or incoming cohorts. This should help all staff to introduce changes in a timely way, adhering to the rule that changes must be approved and published before students start on course (or before they start work towards their examination or Part of an examination).

The retrieval function also offers the options of searching by Topic where the regulation is of a general kind, and of searching by Contents which is similar to the Contents page found in the ‘Grey Book’.