Integrity is about being sincere, open and honest whilst maintaining high moral principles. It means having trust in your colleagues and supporting them where you can. It means that if you cannot help someone yourself, you help them think about an alternative solution.

This can be summarised as:

  • Considering your staff and colleagues’ needs
  • Maintaining good relationships
  • Being honest and sincere
  • Delivering what you promised
  • Coaching and training others where possible

What can you do?

If you would like to implement this value yourself, the following points may help if you’re not already doing this. Support your colleagues and staff and be sensitive to their needs. Be polite, helpful and considerate and attempt to understand what your colleague is looking to achieve, even when it may be easy to perceive it as criticism. Try to put yourself in their shoes, avoid being judgemental and do not be afraid to ask more questions if anything is unclear.

It is about being sincere and honest with each other. It is also about fairness.


Examples of ‘Integrity’ in Finance

The following are examples of integrity within Finance and should help you and your team adopt this value:

  • We often have to provide figures to other users within the University. It is really important that we build a relationship of trust with these users by providing accurate figures and on time. In one case we provided figures for an academic to complete his scientific report and after submission to a sponsor it was found that the figures were incorrect. As a result, the department concerned no longer trusted the individual and it took many months of a more senior member of staff’s time to ensure that the figures being presented were accurate. It was important that we did not move the department to a new individual, but gave them time to prove that they could be trusted and had learnt from the error.
  • We had to maintain good relationships with administrators and within the Payroll team during the implementation of HRIS.  Considering the needs of staff and colleagues is important as administrators face challenges and new processes.  It is about being sincere and honest with each other and delivering what you promised as employees are ‘promised’ pay whatever else is going on with HRIS.