Respecting each other, means approaching colleagues in a positive manner regardless of their different use of language, mannerisms, ability, experience or ways of working.

This can be summarised as:

Respecting your colleagues’:

  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Cultures, religions and sexual orientations
  • Learning styles

And Oxford’s diversity and traditions:

  • Trusting people to do their jobs
  • Earning respect through your own attitude

What can you do?

If you would like to implement this value yourself, the following points may help if you’re not already doing this. Listen to colleagues’ opinions and feedback, acknowledging that every person may have an individual view and experience a situation differently. This contributes to the equality and diversity which the University values highly.

Respect the advice given by colleagues, experts and experienced people in their own particular area.


Examples of ‘Respect’ in Finance

The following are examples of respect within Finance and should help you and your team adopt this value:

  • As our work is very specific we are required to carry out lots of training within and outside the team. It is important that we respect everyone’s skills and knowledge. As we often use acronyms for sponsors, CRUK being a good example, we need to respect the fact that not everyone will know what this means and we should ensure that we use the full name when training to save people the embarrassment of asking.
  • When working with people, it is not just a case of being aware of learning styles, but making that practical: so providing information in different ways to colleagues depending on their preference. It is also about having respect for people reaching their objectives in different ways.
  • It’s about the way you work with people, even when it goes wrong; the tone you take, the manner; and it’s also important as part of this to say ‘thank you’ when it’s due.