Transparent Approach to Costing for Teaching - TRAC(T)

TRAC (T) stands for Transparent Approach to Costing for Teaching. It is a HEFCE requirement (2005/06 onwards) and is a new framework for costing teaching based on the established principles of the Transparent Approach to Costing (TRAC).

The data is officially reported to HEFCE and will be used to inform the teaching funding methodology although the data should also provide useful internal management information.

TRAC(T) has not created any additional demands on the wider University, as it is currently an analysis exercise carried by the Finance Division. The preparation of the data is completed using figures from the annual TRAC return and student numbers taken from student information systems.

The Teaching funding method (TFM) for 2009/10 was to be reviewed based on the returns made by institutions in February 2008. It was decided however that this would be deferred for a year following benchmarking of 2008 results.

In October 2006, the academic activity survey (AAS) was amended to provide more useful analysis of Teaching activity.

Academics are now asked to record their Teaching related activity by type of activity rather than type of student (Publicly/Non-Publicly funded) taught.