10. Staff Support

See also:

10.3 Medical expenses

(a) Eyesight testing and spectacles

Staff using Display Screen Equipment (DSE), such as computers or other visual displays, may request support for eyesight testing.

The rules on what is permitted are contained in University Health and Safety policy S8/09, paragraph 11. This policy limits which opticians may be used and defines the value of support that may be provided.

Payments or claims for tests and / or spectacles that do not comply with this policy are not permitted.

(b) Medical examinations

Where the University requires individuals to undergo health checks or screening, it will make all necessary arrangements directly with the medical practitioner and pay directly all costs incurred.

Medical reports will be supplied directly to the University and copies made available to individuals upon request.

Examples of allowable medical examinations:

  • Pre-employment health checks for staff;
  • Referral by the University where a report is required on an individual's fitness.

Where these rules are applied there will be no tax charge on the individuals concerned.

Medical examinations arranged or paid for by an individual are not supported by the University and no reimbursement will be made.

(c) Medical treatment and medicines

The University does not usually pay for medicines or courses of medical treatment except where it is part of a formal research project.

The only exception to this rule is where an individual is required to undertake work overseas or in areas where specific vaccinations or treatment are recommended. In these circumstances the University will pay for the costs of preventative or first aid / emergency treatment relating specifically to the conditions identified.

(d) Health insurance

The University does not normally provide or contribute to the costs of private healthcare insurance. Where individuals receive such benefits it must be reported as a taxable item for P11D purposes.

Where an individual is required to undertake work overseas or in areas where specific health insurance is recommended, however, the University will pay for the costs of such insurance for the duration of the stay. Arrangements of this type are not considered to be taxable.