1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose of document

This document provides the rules and instructions governing all types of payment made by the University. This includes the payment of individuals, suppliers and other corporate bodies.

The aim is to provide a reference for consistent treatment and to manage expectations within all legal, financial and tax constraints.

1.2 Scope

These rules and instructions apply to anyone who claims, processes, or authorizes payments from the University to individuals, and anyone who processes or authorizes payments on behalf of the University to suppliers or other corporate bodies. This includes staff in all departments, students, visitors and other third parties with the exception of the Oxford University Press (OUP) which operates its own separate (but similar) procedures.

All payments are covered, including those made via the University's financial system, payroll, petty cash or credit card facilities.

The rules apply equally whether a payment is funded from University budgets, from research sponsors, or from other donations or funds.

Please note: Payments made against research awards must also comply with any additional terms and conditions made by the funding body.

1.3 Authority

This document forms part of the financial processes documentation of the University, issued from time to time by the Director of Finance under the authority of the Financial Regulations. Compliance by all individuals associated with the University is mandatory and subject to audit. Non-compliance may lead to disciplinary action.

Under the Financial Regulations it is the responsibility of the head of each budgetary unit to ensure compliance with financial processes. Heads of Unit must, therefore, ensure that all staff, payees and claimants within their responsibility are fully aware of the contents of this document.