4. General Procedures

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4.7 Credit cards

(a) University credit cards

The University provides a facility whereby a corporate Barclaycard can be provided to staff to cover expenditure that it is not possible or practical to order via the standard purchasing process, e.g. internet purchases or frequent foreign travel.

University credit cards are issued at the discretion of the Chief Cashier and must be used solely for business purposes in accordance with the Departmental Credit Card Regulations. The University will pay for any subscriptions or membership fees associated with these cards, together with outstanding card balances.

Failure to use the card in accordance with the regulations will result in withdrawal of this facility and may be treated as a serious disciplinary offence.

(b) Use of personal credit cards

It is permitted for staff to use their personal credit card for expenses that are subsequently reclaimed via an Expenses Claim Form. Reimbursement via petty cash is strictly prohibited.

Only charges relating to the purchase of goods or services may be reclaimed. Penalty charges, interest or late fees, however incurred, will not be reimbursed.

When making purchases with personal credit cards it is important that detailed receipts or equivalent proofs of purchase are supplied with the claim for reimbursement. The supplier's detailed receipt should always be used in cases where a summarized credit card receipt is also provided.