6. Payments to Students, Visiting Academics, and Volunteers

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6.4 Payments to external examiners

(a) Definition of external examiners

An examiner or judge for a research or higher degree examination who lives outside Oxford and who does not hold a teaching or research post at the University may claim reimbursement of reasonable travel and subsistence expenses associated with carrying out their specified duties for the University.

All claims in respect of external examiners are subject to these rules and must be submitted on the Claim for Fees and Expenses form (form GSO.10), available from the Examination Schools.

(b) Travel expenses

Actual travel expenses may be claimed upon presentation of full details, including receipts or travel tickets. Car mileage may be claimed in accordance with the University's rules for car mileage claims.

(c) Subsistence expenses

Subsistence as defined in section 8.1 of this manual, may be claimed upon presentation of receipts for actual costs incurred, subject to the following maxima:

Subsistence limits for external examiners:


Maximum claim

Overnight stay, including all meals

£100 per night

No overnight stay, but time in Oxford plus travelling time exceeds 10 hours

£20 per meal for 2 meals

No overnight stay, but time in Oxford plus travelling time is up to 10 hours

£20 for one meal

Note: Where overnight stays are involved it is not necessary for meals to be taken in the place of accommodation unless the accommodation charge is inclusive of such meals.

University staff may not claim these allowances for themselves or on behalf of external examiners or judges.