7. Travel

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7.3 University vehicles

(a) Departmental vehicles

A number of departments have pool cars, vans or other vehicles. These are not allocated to any one individual but to the department or a specific location. Each department possessing such a vehicle must nominate an administrator responsible for arranging bookings, servicing, etc.

These vehicles are insured through the University for business use only and can only be used for business purposes.

Some employees are provided with use of University vehicles for the purpose of carrying out their normal duties of employment. In these instances the vehicles must be used expressly for the business purposes provided.


Private or exclusive use of any University vehicle is expressly forbidden and may be considered a serious disciplinary offence.

(b) Rules for use of pooled and work vehicles

In order to avoid tax charges and difficulties with insurance cover, the following rules for use must be adhered to at all times:

Rules for use of pooled and work vehicles

  • Vehicles must be used for business purposes and journeys only. All private use is forbidden; and
  • Vehicles must not be available or used by any one person exclusively; and
  • Vehicles must normally be kept overnight at the business location to which they are allocated and not taken home by employees. Exceptionally, where a business journey needs to start before 9am the following day then a vehicle may be taken home the day before with the permission of the pool car administrator; and
  • A log must be maintained by the department for each vehicle showing mileage before and after each trip, the date and purpose of each trip, and the name of the person(s) using the vehicle on that day.

(c) Running costs

All running costs (including servicing, parts and maintenance, licensing, etc.) for all University vehicles must be paid for directly by the department. The only exception is fuel: where possible this should also always be paid for by the University (directly, or by using a University fuel or credit card), but where this is not possible individuals may reclaim the costs of fuel purchases via the Expenses Process, ensuring that the claim is supported by a full VAT receipt.